Become an Owner

Becoming an Owner

It's all about showing your own character.  Having your own interest.  Taking something and doing it your own way.  Ownership is about expressing your own individual style.

With Provincial Government Employees Credit Union , you're a customer and an owner.   A better relationship that ensures your needs always come first.  Giving you the power to take ownership of your financial future.


At Provincial Government Employees Credit Union, you're in control


Ownership with Provincial Government Employees Credit Union includes a one time investment of $5.00 in an equity share account.  The $5.00 investment stays on deposit until it is redeemed upon the withdrawal of membership from Provincial Government Employees Credit Union.  This investment is retained as equity in Provincial Government Employees Credit Union on behalf of you.

Being a customer-owner gives you the right to vote for our voluntary Board of Directors at our Annual General Meeting.  One share gives you one vote.  The Board sets policies and establishes corporate objectives.  You will also have full access to all of our products and services as well as our Customer-Owned relationship that defines us.

"Getting you There" is our goal.  Choose Provincial Government Employees Credit Union for all your financial needs.