Master Card

Master Card

You can view your personal Collabria Mastercard account details within online banking by linking your account. Once you link your credit card account, you will be able to view the current card balance, transaction history and access MyCardInfo without entering a username or password.

How To Link Your Account in Online Banking?

1. Log in to your online banking account.

2. The account summary page will show a section called Collabria Cards. Clink the Link Accounts link under this section.

3. Click on the Collabria Card link listed under the Link a Credit Card section.

4. The Add/Remove Collabria card page will be displayed. Click the Link a Credit Card button.

5. The Collabria Terms and Conditions page will be displayed. Select I Agree if you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

6. The Link Collabria Page will be displayed. Fill out your card number and CVV and click Link Card. You may be prompted to also fill out your date of birth.

7. The Receipt page will be displayed if you have successfully linked your account. You can now access your credit card account details on your online banking account summary page.

How do I see my linked account in online banking?

Once you have successfully linked your account, it will be displayed on your account summary page in online banking. Please note that you will not be able to view your linked account if you are using online banking on your desktop computer or laptop. The linked account account will not display on online banking through mobile web or the mobile app.

What information do I require to link my account?

You will be asked to enter your car dnumber, CVV and date of birth.

What details can I see in my linked account?

You will be able to view your current balance, transaction histpry and launch MyCardInfo.

Can I link the account if I am not the primary cardholder?

Only the primary cardholder can link their credit card account in online banking. If you are not the primary cardholder, you can continue to view your credit card account details through MyCardInfo.

Can I view the linked account on mobile web and mobile app banking?

You will only be able to view the linked account on online banking while on your desktop or laptop.