Whether you're building a savings nest egg, putting money aside for an emergency, planning for a major purchase or looking ahead to the month when auto insurance, property taxes and other major bills come due, there’s a savings account suited to your needs at Provincial Government Employees Credit Union.

The convenience of Payroll Deductions makes it easier to save.  Ask us to send you the form through email or fax to get you started today.  The amount you save is up to you.

With competitive interest rates and flexibility, you’ll reach your savings goals at your own pace, one deposit at a time. With deposit insurance, you have peace of mind as your savings grow.


YOUR Savings

A multi-level savings program designed to provide high earning power with a competitive rate of return and access to funds anytime.

Payroll Savings Bond

Designed as a bond alternative, this convenient plan can be purchased through a payroll savings plan or automatic transfers.

Voting Share
Voting Shares represent equity in your Credit Union and forms part of your own personal wealth.

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