Payroll Savings Bond

Payroll Savings Bond

We are happy to be offering Payroll Savings Bonds through Payroll Deduction!

We are the only Financial Institution that offers this program.


  • Save money with NO FEES
  • Withdrawal flexibility
  • This can be done through regualr payroll (bi-weekly) and also offered through Pension Payroll (monthly)


  • Rate of return guaranteed; Rate for Nov 1, 2023 will be 3%
  • Compounded monthly interest
  • Runs November 1-October 31...but you can join at any time!
  • You can contribute through convenient Payroll deduction and also through an automatic funds transfer

We can help you save! Whether it's $500, $1000 or $5000.... you can make it happen through Payroll Deductions

Payment Frequency

Savings Goal*





Bi-weekly (Regular Payroll)




Monthly (Pension Payroll)




Weekly (Automatic Transfer)




Interest is paid at Maturity only. If money is taken from bond, the deductions will still continue, just no interest paid until the end of the bond period.