Provincial Government Employees Credit Union recognizes that every customer-owner has different needs.  Our financial services solutions are straightforward, so you can spend more time living your life, and less time planning it.  YOUR Chequing options make managing your money easy.  Choose from our range of options so your account reflects what you need to manage your everyday financial activities in an affordable way.  We also offer line of credit overdraft protection on approved credit.

YOUR Chequing

Ideal for your day-to-day financial needs with pay-as-you-go transaction fees.

YOUR Chequing 15

Transact a little.  You only make a few transactions and want a low monthly fee.

YOUR Chequing 40

Transact a lot.  You average one FREE transaction a day, with a few extra on the weekend.

YOUR Chequing Unlimited

Transact without limits.  You want the ultimate in convenience, earning power and value-added account features.

US Dollar

Don't be bound by borders!  You want an account to manage YOUR US funds.


Suited to owners 59 years of age and over. A 25% discount on the monthly fee.

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