Cheque Imaging

At Provincial Government Employees Credit Union, we are excited to introduce important changes to your cheque return service with enhanced statements that will increase your convenience and security. 

Moving forward you will receive imaged cheques instead of original cheques each month.  You will can continue to receive your statement by mail however; your cheques will be clearly printed for easy filing. 

Provincial Government Employees Credit Union is also providing you the option of choosing an e-Statement, which is a digital copy of your statement accessible through MemberDirect® online service instead of receiving a paper statement by mail.  This method is faster, more secure and you can save your statement issuance fee, if applicable, each month!    


 Service Fees

 Record Keeping Option

Service Fee
 Paper Statement - mailed without images  $2.00
 Paper Statement - mailed with images  $5.00
 Online Statement  FREE
 Online cheque viewing using MemberDirect® online service  FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cheque Imaging? 

Cheque imaging is a process where electronic images of cheques are captured through the cheque clearing system. Members will continue to write, deposit and negotiate cheques in the same way, but will no longer receive original physical cheques. This new method makes processing more efficient by eliminating the practice of returning cancelled cheques and the need for financial institutions to send and store cancelled cheques. Cheques are destroyed after they have been imaged and verified. 

Will I still recieve a paper statement? 

Yes, you can continue to receive your paper statement as usual with the option of having your cheques printed and attached to the back of your statement.
We are moving to a paperless statement delivery to control costs and improve our environmental performance. For more information on using MemberDirect® online service to access your account information, call or visit your branch. Your statement and cheque images may be viewed conveniently at any time online through MemberDirect® online service.