Q: A bank is a bank, is a bank, right?

A: Not always. Provincial Government Employees Credit Union is a full service financial institution set up to serve provincial government employees, like you, and their immediate family members exclusively. As a provincial government employee you can take advantage of convenient savings through payroll deduction, our experienced staff and central location.

Q: Is the Provincial Government Employees Credit Union competitive? Will I get better rates than I do with my current bank?

A: Public servants work hard for the people of Nova Scotia and the Provincial Government Employees Credit Union works hard for its members. Provincial Government Employees Credit Union provides the best service possible by offering Payroll Savings Bonds at a rate 0.25 % higher than Canada Savings Bonds; and through convenient payroll deduction, competitive chequing packages and access to the flexible Your Savings account.

Q: I’m thinking about buying a home, can the PGECU get me a good mortgage rate?

A: Provincial Government Employees Credit Union understands that every little bit helps and our members benefit from mortgage and loan rates that are below the industry standard. Plus, we offer bonus rates on investment accounts!

Q: How can membership benefit my family?

A: Provincial Government Employees Credit Union understands the demands on today’s family, so we offer educational scholarships and extracurricular sponsorship for members’ children. Your immediate family is also eligible for membership.

Q: Aside from competitive rates and payroll deduction, what else do I get from being a Provincial Government Employees Credit Union member?

A: Extra cash at Christmas!
We provide the opportunity to skip a pre-Christmas loan payment, you pay only the interest.


Q: Can Provincial Government Employees Credit Union staff give me the financial advice and guidance I need and expect from larger corporate financial institutions?

A: We sure can! Come in and get to know us.

Q: I don’t feel my opinion matters at my present financial institution. Do members have a say in Provincial Government Employees Credit Union business?

A: As a member and an owner of Provincial Government Employees Credit Union, you have input through our board of directors, committees and our annual meeting.

Q: Will I save money by switching to the Provincial Government Employees Credit Union?

A: Yes, but don’t just take our word for it. Visit and compare our service charge packages with those of your current financial institution. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save!