Direct Payment

Interac Flash

Whether it's a quick trip to the grocery store or your morning cup of coffee, Interac Flash® offers a fast, convenient, and safe way to use your credit union debit card to tap and pay for everyday purchases up to $250- no PIN required.

How it works

-Look for the Interac Flash® logo or contactless symbol when amking a debit purchase

-Hold your card within 4cm of the front of the debit terminal

-Wait for a beep or approval message, letting you know your purchase is complete.

The amount of your purchase will be debited from your credit union account.

Benefits for you

- Fast and convenient. Tap and pay on purchases up to $250 (up to a combined maximum of $400) before needing to enter your PIN

-Secure. Purchases are backed by Interac's Zero Liability Policy, meaning your transactions are protected.

Lock and Block is now available! Put your mind at ease when your debit card is in question.

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